It is the year 2100. Human civilization has entered the Interstellar era. During our voyage, we found a beautiful planet "Rainbow Kepler #7296"

The first humans who landed discovered stones that were bright and beautiful. Not only that, they were "alive", were friendly and generated power. They welcomed the arrival of humans and express their envy of our ability to travel freely. The first humans called them Rainbow Stones.

Your RMRs

100% unique, 100% hand-made!


10% chance of getting a super rare 1/1!


0% Activate 33 giveaways, rewards and 3D plushies design
25% Release whitepaper, $RMRT tokens and App
50% Release Gaming website, Airdrops and RMR equipments
75% Start planet-to-planet travel on the web portal
100% Activate Metaverse delivery centre!


Welcome to the RockManRoads™! Explore the space and start to get some glimpses of what the RockManRoads will be all about. We're just a couple of weeks from launching our RMR collection in early May 2022. We're actively building a fun and engaged community that love NFTs as much as we do. We have a bunch of events planned, so come introduce yourself, hang out with our members in #💬 general, and stay tuned for updates! For the launch, we highly recommend using a Metamask wallet to mint your RockManRoads. Learn more about Metamask at
ROCKMANROADS are 3,333 hand drawn, randomly generated, interdimensional Space rocks wearing a Robot suit. Their traits are pulled from all reaches of the metaverse and include surprising mashups of cultural references all the way down to super-insider rarities.
Being active on our Discord channel and other social platforms will help you lock in a position for presale. We will be rewarding our community with exclusive presale admission, prizes and rare giveaways for folks that stay engaged and are active in building the ROCKMANROADS community.
To protect the value of your NFTs, when you mint, they will not reveal themselves immediately. A mass reveal of all 3,333 NFTs will happen 5 days after sell out.